Entrevistas interesantes NUEVAS al equipo de desarrollo

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Entrevistas interesantes NUEVAS al equipo de desarrollo

Mensaje por kero » Jue Feb 15, 2018 6:21 pm

Q: Are there going to be different objective (not only loot and kill).
A: Yes, there will be. To be announced. There will be a lot more quests. In the future there will be personal quests

Q: SCAVs are going to be the only AI enemies?
A: The dificulty of the SCAVs is increasing with every patch. In the future there are going to be AI PMC, UN and Russian Federation soldiers

No plan to group players by current level per game. The idea is to group players by the meta-information that they have (survival rate or?)

Regarding pure PvP mode, we are going to get Arena with PvP, PvE and FFA

Mission editor is not planned for now. Maybe in the future

There are going to be changes in the spawn system - WIP

Karma system is still WIP

Regarding the sound issues, there are going to be fixes and enhancements

We are going to have EFT encyclopedia for all of the items!!!

No Steam early access. After release EFT will be on steam and we are going to have achievements there

In short we are going to get different colors special armbands. Players will have to chose, for example all teammates to use yellow armband. There will not be special interface for that, only equip the item. It is possible the enemy team to chose the same color. In future there will be a more distinct look for BEAR and USEC PMCs (six unique variants for top and bottom)

We we will have options for doors: open and throw a grenade, knock on the door (for fun). Break the door with the GOT or crowbar. We will be able to deploy mines in the containers: bags, safes, on the dead bodies.

No Battle Royal Mode, only arena. The interesting part here is that we are going to have some sort of cybersport modes for the arena?

The game is currently CPU heavy due to elements like the physics, the graphics by itself is well optimized. If they managed to optimize the physics, overall performance will be doubled. Main issue with physics is PhysX in Unity. Other problem is that there is no "texture streaming" in Unity, leading to high memory requirement (for Shoreline is 12GB). They are going to implement themselves texture streaming, when moving to the new build of Unity.

Regarding hideouts: 1. It will be personal 2. Can be upgraded 3. Based on the level of the hideout player will have faster regeneration, stash size and etc. (Regeneration?? - this means that the if we leave the raid with broken leg we will need regeneration time?) 4. We will be able to brew alcohol :) :) The graphics, sound, interfaces and visuals are ready for the hideout. Final work on it will start during OBT

No P2W options

Free roam mode is planned. It's a high-level, high effort, technological task. Not cleared when we are going to have it in the game

We will have EFT in steam 100%, after the release

PS4 version is possible. It will be discussed after the first DLC

We will have camouflage for the weapons!!! Aging of the weapons is also planned

Again we will have aging of the weapons, having marks of usage and etc.

Compass is planned. Will be an add on for the watch. In addition we will have GPS, hand thermal, range finder, binoculars, monocle, use optics as binoculars, flare gun

Not clear yet if the compass will be in separate slot, so that it can be looted from your dead body :D

much like Arma 3, we'll be able to lay prone in different positions. On our back (Like R6:S), on our sides and at angles. We will have bipods

There will not be LEG protection (for all of you LEG meta guys :) )

Q: When we are going to have animation for stairs.... A: Full rework of the animation of the PMC is planned. This will optimize the game. Work on this started year ago

Q: Changes in medical treatment. A: 1. Probability of fractures when hit by a bullet will be increased 2. Animations for applying meds. You will not be able to fire the weapon during this operation 3. Offline regeneration and healing. Training to keep the PMC in shape 4. Addiction to painkillers + side effects when using them

Collision for SCAVs will be added(this will cause additional load on the server, additional work needed)

Ammo count will not be displayed in inventory
Ammo loading will require time(no animation at first), and will force the player to stay in the inventory menu(if inventory is closed loading will stop)

No female PMCs

Open doors with using shotguns is planned

We will have 3 PMCs per account. (I guess that this will solve the problem when one of your PMC is regenerating)

Streets of Tarkov(next location)+ one more will be added after Interchange

Stay tuned for info regarding discount on 23 Feb

Killcam is a possibility in the Arena mode(will show who and from where killed you)

We will have app for smartphone 1. For encyclopedia 2. Maybe some simple way to collect the insurance 3. Possibility for trade, check the traders what is for sale and etc.

No ballistic shield planned for now

Planned some kind of parkour to overcome obstacles, not only jumps

Regarding revival mechanics. If the hits are fatal the PMC is killed, cannot be revived by any means! Additional we will have loss of consciousness, due to shock, the PMC can be revived using defibrillator or with drugs(adrenaline I guess)

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Re: Entrevistas interesantes NUEVAS al equipo de desarrollo

Mensaje por Pollawski » Mié Feb 21, 2018 3:37 pm

Joder, cómo pinta de bien la cosa.
¿Qué tramáis... morenos?
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